May 25, 2011

Go Tide! Daddy Types Is The Alabama Of Dadblogs

Ah, the congratulatory opening lines in PR pitches are already coming in.

So thanks to the media and communications gurus at Cision for jiggering my Klout Score enough to make the cut on their Top 50 Daddy Bloggers list.

Daddy Types clocks in at #48. Which means if I were a public school system, I'd be Alabama or Florida. If I were the number of bachelors degrees or greater, I'd be Mississippi. If I were a median household income, I'd be Arkansas.

If this were the Time 100, though, [and you count Prince William and Kate as two people, which they don't], I'd be...oh. Saif Gaddafi. Remind me again, is he the dead one, or the plagiarizing one? I guess it doesn't matter; he's 35 spots below Tiger Mom Amy Chua.

If I ranked in the 8th percentile of the Forbes 400, hey, I'd have a billion dollars, just like Malibu storage unit heiress Tamara Gustavson. If it was the Forbes Celebrity 100, I'd be Brad Paisley. Who? Oh wait, no, he's 48/100. That means I'd be 92. Holy crap, Tina Fey?? She's hilarious. Also the author of the best-selling parenting book around right now. I'll take it.

Meanwhile, Dadcentric has eight freakin' dudes on the list. EIGHT. They are killing it over there. So much Klout in one place. But no Didactic Pirate? Really? Also, does the Dadcentric breakout help explain why Jim Griffioen and DadWagon aren't on the list? No. It's like leaving Dooce off. And no Daddy Dialectic? Are you kidding? He cracked the entire parenting code of the century.

Also it looks like DT is the longest-running blog on there. So folks like MetroDad, or Laid-Off Dad, the Dr J's and Bill Waltons of the dadblogging world, have no Klout? If that's what my data showed, I'd check my model. Just sayin'.

So who comes out on top? Chris Brogan of Dad-O-Matic which, sure, but they have like 50 dadbloggers, because they are a dadblogging network founded as a marketing and PR operation? Brogan is one of just two Dad-O-Matic bloggers to make the cut, but frankly, his actual posting portfolio looks a little thin. I guess his is that invisible, aggregating, communication professional kind of Klout. Then at #3 is CC Chapman, aka Digital Dad, which is actually the last thing on his own list, after "content creator, author, speaker, consultant, photographer, motivator, thought leader, influencer, and entrepreneur."

And #2? It is Dada Rocks, of the Ralph Lauren "shoppable children's book"-flacking Dada Rockses. So Daddy Types is the Tina Fey of dadbloggers, and the diametric opposite of Dada Rocks? I can live with that. Carry on, marketers!

Happy (Early) Father's Day To The Top 50 Daddy Bloggers list [ via top dadblogger jjdaddy-o]


All this list gathering stuff is funny to me because it is all based upon whatever dust is blowing in the wind.

It is a mixed list where you have some good guys who are deserving and others who aren't real bloggers, have virtually abandoned their blogs or are flavor of the month.

The formula they used to figure out who belongs sounds like the same crap I used to try to fool my professors into thinking that I had actually paid attention in class.

One thing I have noticed is that in the UK, they seem to be much more concerned with Dad- and Mom-blog rankings. They're updated frequently and much commented upon. Of course, it's a small country and all the participants seem to know each other, so it's kind of like high school.

And who is "Taking Back Paternity?"

You're number one in my book, Greg.

EXACTLY. I was like, "And where the hell is DadLabs? I mean, they have this OTHER Clay on there, with what's this site called? Never heard of it."

Can I be Dr. J? Bill Walton's knees are for shit.

You're pretty much saying what I said in the comments section of that coughuselesscough post. Not to worry. Cision just posted a new Top 25 Dad Blog list.

If there's anything to be learned from these lists, it's this: tweeting uncredited Henny Youngman jokes is the key to dadblogging success. (This comment sponsored by @mastercard and @kolcraft.)

talk about dodging a bullet. . .

Or using a bot to get voted Top Dad blogger courtesy of 5000 kids in China clicking a mouse in your honor greatness.

Who wants to be the George Costanza of daddy bloggers? Oooo, I have someone I want to nominate.

story of my life, blogging about what you blogged about five days ago.

I've only got time for two daddy-blogs, and the rankings are:

1) You

2) Metrodad.

I think the thing to remember with the original listing in Cision was that it was a list of the Top 50 Daddy Bloggers per Klout. Remember, this has nothing to do with an actual blog. This only took into consideration one's Klout score which is a determination (according to Klout) of your social media influence throughout Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In. You literally do not have to have a blog to be on this list as Klout doesn't care if you blog. So, the list is accurate as accurate as Klout is reporting. The problem is the title of the Cision post was wrong. It should have made it more clear this was just a Klout listing of "Online Dads" and nothing more.

While I appreciate getting recognized when I do I am still humble in knowing that I am a Nobody out here and that I have a ways to go to be recognized. My blog is 10 months old and I've done one giveaway and a total of about 3 or 4 reviews. My posts are 100% about being a Dad to O and Jake and nothing more. I hope as I continue to blog and network in our community that I can learn a great deal from you fine Dads.

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