May 16, 2011


When he went to work for Harper's Magazine, which is owned by some part of the MacArthur family, I was worried that Paul Ford would be ineligible for one of the MacArthur Foundation's genius grants. Fortunately, he quit, and he's recently picked back up with his blog,, so I expect that 5AM genius call is right around the corner:

My daughter was first sued in the womb. It was all very new then. I'd posted ultrasound scans online for friends and family. I didn't know the scans had steganographic thumbprints. A giant electronics company that made ultrasound machines acquired a speculative law firm for many tens of millions of dollars. The new legal division cut a deal with all five Big Socials to dig out contact information for anyone who'd posted pictures of their babies in-utero. It turns out the ultrasounds had no clear rights story; I didn't actually own mine. It sounds stupid now but we didn't know.
Nanolaw with Daughter []

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