May 13, 2011

Too Big For Stroller, Too Little To Leave Behind


Oh, these kids and their tumblrs! If only I'd had the foresight to start one of these things a year and a half ago, I, too, could've been on this week!

Strollers, of course, are a tool of control; they exist as much for the convenience of the parents, and for dealing with the raw logistics of whatever airport/theme park/tourist city they have to navigate, as for the seemingly superfluous transportation entertainments of a gawky 7-year-old.

And while I know where the smug bemusement of a random, childfree passerby ranks on parents' list of things they give a shit about, let's give Too Big For Stroller her due. It is adorable that she thinks the choice here is between pushing a kid or making him walk.

Because what these parents are really choosing between is possibly appearing anonymously on some smug hipster's tumblr, or having your mug shot splayed across the local news for losing your kid at the mall again. [via dt reader nelson]

1 Comment

Thanks so much for your posting. My kid looks normal (or so people trying to be nice tell me) but uses a stroller because of severe hypotonia. I have become very depressed and stressed caring for a special needs child over the last few years. Every time some well meaning (but its really mean) comment is made by stranger or otherwise is made about the stroller, I want to either scream or cry. Thanks for your funny critique.

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