May 12, 2011

Maclarens Keep Chopping Fingers, CPSC Keeps Recalling Maclarens

rahm_emanuel_finger.jpg18 months ago, in an extraordinary recall event we've come to call Macopalypse 2009, Maclaren and the CPSC recalled basically all the Maclaren umbrella-style strollers sold in the US through 2009, after the company received multiple reports of the exposed side hinges chopping tiny fingertips off.

At the time, there were 15 injuries, with 12 amputations. Since then, Maclaren has racked up another 134 reports, including 37 injuries or amputations which occurred after the recall.

And so, Maclaren and the CPSC have actually RE-recalled the million or so pre-2010 strollers and are encouraging people to GET THE HINGE COVER KITS ALREADY, PEOPLE, DAMN. You're not gonna Tiger Mom your kid into Yale on a piano scholarship if he's only got 9.75 fingers!

Additional Fingertip Amputations and Lacerations Prompt Reannouncement of November 2009 Recall of Strollers by Maclaren USA []

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