May 11, 2011

Oeuf Sparrow Crib Probably Still 20% Off At ModernSeed


Modern Seed is having a 20% off sale on its current stock of sweet, birch Oeuf Sparrow cribs. Though I love the $730 Sparrow in its original grey finish, for $146 off, I could certainly learn to love the natural wood, too.

The email alert the shop [a previous DT advertiser] just sent out says the sale runs through 3/31, which, hm. The pulldown menu still shows the discounted price, though, so I think "while supplies last" is going to be the operating constraint.

Oeuf Sparrow birch crib, normally $730, now $584 through, uh, 3/31? []
note: changing table not included--or available, apparently. odd.

UPDATE as Esther from Buy Modern Baby blog points out in the comments, the birch Oeuf Sparrow crib is on sale all over, including from Oeuf themselves.


Wow. Suddenly the $250 I dropped at Babies 'R Us is seeming like a screamin' deal. It -is- a pretty crib, though...

It's 20% off just about everywhere this month including Oeuf's website

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