May 3, 2011

First Cleats Kicking Baby Butt!


So they were all, innovative, first of its kind in the world, infant sport cleat! We are Our little soft and safe cleats (0 to 6 mos.) are designed after big kids soccer, football, baseball cleats. These little cleats are sure to make every baby a MVB, Most Valuable Baby!
And I was like,
lolol, you are crazy!


And they were all,
Haha...guess Nordstrom is crazy too. They just ordered.
And I was like,
Probably! Congratulations and good luck!
Marketing! Content! Social media! The future is now, kids! First Cleats!

First Cleats available online--and soon, apparently, at Nordstrom [firstcleats via publicist]


wow, gotta have 'em!!!

that's the spirit!

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