April 19, 2011

Wow, Porsche 924 Cargo Shooting Brake


Unbelievable, but true: it's a fantastic Porsche 924.

In fact, that it's a 924 and not a 944 is the single most perplexing thing about this beautiful shooting brake conversion done by DP Motorsports.

Apparently, between 1988 and 2003, DP put seven 944s--or six and one 924--through this really masterful conversion. I mean, it doesn't even look like a conversion.

But seriously, did someone lose a bet? Were they just bored, wondering what to do with a leftover 924? Because they go to the trouble of replacing the 924 body panels with the flares and the rounded nose of the 944S2--so the only thing 924 about it is the crappy engine. Maybe that provides the authentic, wagon-like performance.


Another DP Cargo appears to live close to home. It's featured on the tuner's website, and showed up at their 2009 Sommerfest. Nice work, even if the cushion is a mystery to me. But not half as baffling as the eur29,500 asking price.

Porsche 924 TURBO DP CARGO - KOMBI - OLDTIMER (1981), EUR29,500 [autofrom.net]
Good discussion of the car and the ad at bringatrailer.com thanks dt reader scott]
Shooting-brake.com has an extensive gallery of 944 and 924 Cargo images [shooting-brake.com]

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I've been coming back to this all day. Has kind of an 1800ES vibe. I'm hoping the Ferrari FF is a huge success and gives the shooting brake enough mainstream acceptance that some other manufacturers bring them back. You know you're in dark times when you can't even get a V70 anymore.

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