April 6, 2011

Vincent Kid Shoes Toddling Out Of Business Sale


The American kids' shoescape is about to get much less stripey.

Vincent Shoes, one of Sweden's most fashion-forward kid shoe companies, is pulling out of the US market, citing the ongoing recession and the closure of a significant number of the independent baby store retailers the company relied upon for distribution.

The long-term bummer at the departure of one of DT's earliest advertisers is offset a bit, though, by a Going Out With A Bang sale this weekend on the company's website.

Use the checkout code OUT-WITH-BANG to get 60% off the classic Vincent styles above. And don't dawdle; while I was goofing around last night, not checking out, I woke up to find a pair of the kid's mary janes had walked right out of my shopping cart and out of stock.

Vincent Shoes OUT-WITH-BANG sale runs through Apr. 10 [vincentshoestore.us]


Sweet. Nabbed some slippers & Moltas boots. Almost, but not quite, as good as when LL Bean had closeout winter kids boots a couple of years ago. Bought seven sizes worth then. That was awesome.

Came yesterday, those are really really really good shoes. Went back for a second, larger bacth for The Future.

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