April 5, 2011

We Want Lego Rooms, Where's Our Lego Rooms?


So you read that T Magazine story about Dinder House, that 40-room Georgian manor in BF Somerset or wherever England, and you get to the end, and what is the one thing you want to see?:

At Crawford's suggestion, they turned the ballroom into the kitchen and created a Lego room. If a room with a perfect view dedicated to Lego sounds ostentatious, it isn't here; it's used daily.
Am I right? Lego room? And then there's no picture of it.

Well, I couldn't find it online, but I did find this sweet candid shot of the exterior, including the porch which features enough plastic ride-on vehicles to make you wonder what happened to the carriage house. Also, one garbage bag. You stay classy, Somerset!

Family Style [nyt]


Now my playroom just feels silly without an Aga.

There is the cover shot, which I bet is the room in question http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2011/04/01/t-magazine/tmag-coverSpringDesign/tmag-coverSpringDesign-tmagArticle.jpg

Nope, that's the playroom, not the Lego room.


Between the lousy set of shots in that T magazine and the awful redesign of the NYT Magazine (not to mention the loss of The Medium, Cohen as the Ethicist, and On Language), I cancelled my subscription. Now I can use the savings to build my own freakin' Lego room and not take photos of it.

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