April 5, 2011

Needs More Adorable

Like the cherry blossoms appearing in Spring, the piercing cry of the design-savvy new parent brings hope to those who have lived through another winter in this ruffle-encrusted wasteland of kids design.

At Design Observer, Alexandra Lange boldly quotes Adolf Loos' foundational modernist text, Ornament and Crime, to call bullshit on the pointless frilliness of baby clothing. And she calls out manufacturers for killing the unisex baby outfit, too. Nice work, and good luck.

My wife has spent much of her life as a parent carefully picking fabric rosettes and doodads off of our kids' clothing. But

Onesies and Crime [designobserver.com]


Try Polarn O. Pyret USA. You can search by boy, girl or unisex ("UNI" on their site), and they have good unisex choices.


I'm still picking off ears. No doubt doodads will follow soon.

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