April 4, 2011

Ruler-Wielding Scientists: Taint Too Far From Phthalate Exposure To Low Sperm Count

In news that brings a sigh of relief from the Iritable Bowel Syndrome folks, who are all too happy to relinquish their Unhelpfully Euphemistic Acronym Award, a group of researchers at the University of Rochester have announced the results of their study measuring the anogenital difference, or AGDs, commonly known as a taint, "of 126 men born in or after 1988," commonly known as a dormful.

They found that short taints correlate to low sperm count. Though the scientists could not identify a cause, they did note that previous studies have found a connection between below-average AGD and in utero phthalate exposure. "It does suggest that whatever is altering AGD is also altering sperm count," said co-author Shanna Swan.

Of the AGD measurement itself, Swan also noted, "It's non-invasive and anybody can do it." All you need is 126 fifties and a stack of Dixie cups.

Key genital measurement [sic] linked to male fertility [reuters.com]

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