March 25, 2011

Princess Is In The Script


Here's something I noticed inside the Disney Experience: every cast member will call your girl, "Princess."

"Good morning, princess!" "Are you going ashore, princess?" "Have a magical day, princess!"

It is part of the script. And there's really nothing you can do about it.

Of course, using the money you save by staying at Disney's Trailer Park resort to take your kids out at 8AM in a stretch limo for matching glitter puffball princess makeovers is entirely up to you. Or your Designing Women wife, as I think was the case here.


Very curious here: How do they address the boys?

Yeah, what num num said.

Whilst I don't work for nor been on vacation with Disney, I did vow not to call my little girl 'princess.' Only now, that she is nearly 4, do i find myself using that term far too often.

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