March 22, 2011

Suffering Sappho, It's Amazon Babysitter!


Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman's on the way
to help the baby T-Rex and save the day
She's written like crap,
And she's not too buff,
But throw some mythological references in the mix,
and I guess you've got the right stuff.

Giant turkey legs and Dora notwithstanding, all it takes is Wonder Woman dropping everything to do a couple of random millionaires' bidding to realize just how quality our pop culture is these days.

I mean, just look at the utter crap comic books they were putting out in 1957.

Wonder Woman, Amazon Babysitter [grant bridgestreet via boingboing]


Someone is stuck watching Wonderpets, too, I see. Makes me wanna scratch my eyes out.

Clarence said:
If you have a minute, I'd like to tap your technical Bugaboo knowledge. I have been looking at older models and have some questions:
1) what kinds of normal/chronic wear should I be looking for?
2) can a frog be upgraded with a cameleon set of front wheels?
3)Would it be worth putting new front wheels on an older model cameleon to get the suspension improvement?
4) Did you ever see the maxi-cosi car seat adapter in action? It looks kind of flimsy.

I have to put my sailboard gear shopping on hold until my wife is satisfied that I'm getting the baby stuff squared, so I might as well have some fun with it...

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