March 11, 2011

5 Top Tips For Managing Your Mombloggers

Dear Marketers, Publicists, and Branding Folks,

It's true, mombloggers are hot and on trend right now, and they can be a smart part of your savvy social media campaign! But they can also be sensitive, temperamental, tricky to deal with.

Just remember these important tips for handling the mombloggers:

  • Some of them have penises, but rather than calling them Mr Mombloggers [LOL!], throw an "(and dads!)" in your messaging material somewhere. The position's not as important as the parentheses.

  • Mombloggers want fun, not money. Offering them money to perform marketing and promotional tasks for you or your client might make the time spent on their blog feel like a job, specifically like the worst-paying job they've ever had, where they take orders from some flack on a $10,000/month retainer.

  • Mombloggers want to feel respected. Don't call your request a pitch, or even a post suggestion; call it a partnership. A partnership where you trade marketing for $5 Target gift cards.

  • Mombloggers don't want to be spammed. They want validation of their unique gifts and viewpoints. So open your pitch with a name field instead of a generic "Dear Momblogger."

  • If you can make a momblogger believe you're a fan, and that you know and love her unique editorial content, she'll be much more likely to republish your press release. An easy way to do this is to open your pitch with a one-sentence compliment about the momblogger's most recent post. Interns and RSS readers are great for this.


Wow, someone's reading--they've added a dad. Sort of.

I am completely unsure if this is serious or sarcasm. Pls advise.

You forgot to add that mombloggers like when marketers promise to do some laundry -- something most dad(bloggers?) don't do.

I am seriously gonna slap the next marketing "genius" that leaves a $5 gift card on my dresser...

Let's just say I didn't make any of these up--and that they mostly piss me off.

If they would even put a wrong name after, "Dear Mr." I'd find it easier to believe they had contmplated trying.

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