March 7, 2011

Double Baby Buggy Pimpers: Phil & Teds Deal On Amazon


Maybe it's because spring is in the air, and peoples' (and marketers') thoughts naturally turn to new cycles of reproduction. Or perhaps the news of recent recalls have bitten off a chunk of sales.

Either way, there are only two things for sure:

1) Phil & Teds is having a Double Your Buggy And Save "event" on Amazon through March 21st, where the purchase of any phil&teds stroller gets you a free doubles kit. The $79-109 discount applies to all models sold by Amazon, and is taken at checkout. See models and details here.

2) It is really hard for me to pimp strollers, even innovative and very popular ones that really do help urban parents of two cut a skinny swath through crowded city streets, without making wisecracks about recalls and finger amputations.

Not funny, people! This will cost me some Amazon kickbacks!

Buy a phil&teds stroller for $349-699, get a free double kit, a $79-109 value, through 3/21 [amazon]


Are they anticipating the arrival of the Mountain Buggy +One stroller next month? From my experience with a MB Urban and a P&T Sport, I expect the +One to surpass anything P&T is offering but I'm struggling to figure out how the kid gets in/out of the back seat. Looking forward to seeing one in person.

No kidding, it looks like riding in a sleeping bag.

P&T and MB and still the same company- right? They're not really "competing" with each other.

P&T owns MB. The P&T influence is about to impact MB's product line with the +One (arriving next month). It would be nice to see some P&T products reflecting MB's influence as well...maybe they'll start being easier to steer and less likely to chop fingers.

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