March 7, 2011

Does A Cookie Monster Wear A Necktie?

If you thought over-entitled addicts raging out of control for our cringe-inducing entertainment began with Charlie Sheen, you haven't seen this Spring 2001 Martha Stewart Living appearance by Cookie Monster. It's truly, awesomely depressing.

Now that he's out of rehab and calling cookies only "a sometimes food," maybe Cookie Monster will write a tell-all memoir, and we can see some justice. Because while Martha Stewart went to jail after this depressing episode, the kingpins at Sesame Workshop got off scot-free and are still plying the streets, ordering Abby Cadabby back to work, from the tinted window in their Lincoln Navigators.

Cookie Monster on Martha Stewart Living (2 of 2) [youtube, yes, there's a part one via tagbanger]


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