March 3, 2011

Help Me, Obiwalt Disney, You're My Only Hope


Despite our best efforts--and even after clearing the princess hurdle with the first one--K2 is deep, deep in the throes of Disney Princess mania. We mitigate it by filling out the princess and fairy tale repertoire with non-Disney models, and that seems to help. To an extent. And recently, after watching Peter Pan--in preparation for the Disney Cruise we're taking with the extended family, don't worry, I'll be blogging the hell outta that trip--K2 thought she might like to be Princess Tiger Lily. Which we took to be a good sign, since there is no billion-dollar mountain of Tiger Lily crap to keep out of the house. And of course, Tiger Lily doesn't really talk, so that's enticing sometimes.

But anyway, point is, princesses. Can't live with'em, can't live without'em. And then I see this absolutely adorable photo from EPBOT of a little Cinderella at Miami Comic-con with her dad, and she's reading a book to R2-D2, and I think, you know, maybe I should just let it go, not get so worked up about it, it's just a phase, what's the harm, right?

And then I think, hey, waitaminnit, Leia's a princess, too, why can't K2--and then suddenly my little baby is Jennifer Aniston popping out of Schwimmer's closet, and I'm like, YOU ARE NOT LEAVING YOUR CABIN, YOUNG LADY, NOT UNTIL YOU PUT ON THAT SNOW WHITE OUTFIT.


Cinderella, R2-D2, and Tasha Yar [ via boingboing]


Why not Boudica? She seems like a good role model.

Good luck blogging from shipboard. But what are you gonna do? Every morning my kid is a lizard and I have to be David Attenborough. You can't talk them out of this stuff.

I convinced my 2-year-old to be Princess Leia for Halloween. She was MIGHTY disappointed when I pulled out one of my white turtlenecks for her to wear as a dress.

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