February 14, 2011

Robert Mango Designed The Cherub Crib.

It's always good to tie up loose ends, close loops, tick off the open items, bring closure to--well, maybe when it comes to the Cherub Crib, closure is not to be too hastily wished for.

The Cherub was imported from Italy "for the Modern American Baby" by Playhouse, Inc., of Jackson, Tennessee, who advertised it in one of those little ads in the New Yorker ["converts into car bed for traveling"!]. Where DT reader Matt stumbled across it five whole years ago.

Now, thanks to Mondo Blogo's definitive review of the catalogue for the 2005 exhibit, A Misura di Bambini: Cent'anni di mobili per L'infanzia in Italia (1870-1970) [A Measure of the Child: 100 Years Of Furniture for Childhood in Italy], we know that the designer of the Cherub was Robert Mango. And that he also made the even pinchier-looking collapsible playpen, both in 1956.


Of Mango, the net reveals very little, only that he appears to have been working with Osvaldo Borsani around this time, and exhibiting flexible, affordable furniture designs for compact postwar living. In other words, nothing we didn't already know.

But Patrick's got tons more photos from the catalogue, though, including a couple of pieces that are buried somewhere in the DT archives. Definitely check it out.

my bambino can kick your bambino's ass [mondo blogo]
Previously: Where'd the mid-century modern Cherub Crib go?


The playpen looks kind of j├Ągerzauny http://www.google.de/images?q=j%C3%A4gerzaun&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&hl=de&tab=wi

Holy cow, I remember being in one of those lattice fold ups in my early Seventies childhood. They were super fun. And pinchy.

All I keep thinking is, "boy, that recall's going to require a lot of hinge covers."

It kinda looks like that baby lost a hand in that last image.

Its perfect for kid's play, I love that design and main think which are done with round shape.

Wow, I really need to stay at the Milford Plaza the next time I'm in NYC. Heard it's a crappy overpriced place full of rats, but watcha gonna do, right. I like!

Milford Plaza! Milford Plaza! Milford Plaza!

At first, I'm like, WTF? And then I saw the spam link on the previous comment. Which is obviously not spam, because the Milford Plaza will happily rent you one of these Italian finger amputators for your kid to sleep in.

And then you looked at your other posts and found more unrelated and/or vague spam links by the same fine establishment, right?

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