February 11, 2011

Here Are Strollers Made From Russian Submarine Mines.

Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin makes furniture out of salvaged WWII-era submarine mines left behind by the regrouping ex-Soviet army.

True, this cowhide number is still a seat belt and a cupholder short of an actual stroller.


So how's this? Strictly a showpiece, you understand:


As if it weren't awesome enough, there's this grenade mobile:


According to Karmin's website, marinemine.com, there is also a twin-sized carriage out there somewhere, but photos of if have yet to surface.

Marine Mine | The Mine Furniture [marinemine.com via core77 thanks dt reader rolf]


Brilliant post - thumbs up! I wonder if the will fit in the trunk of my T54/55.

Not if you're fully-loaded with shells, but you could pull it behind your Ural.

this... is actually pretty cool haha!

From GI Joes's to Strollers made from marine MINE! Thats priceless!

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