February 10, 2011

OXO Is Finally Making Baby Gear


A generation ago, OXO's soft-handled potato peeler revolutionized the kitchen gadget market. Now, finally, they're making baby gear. And well, it kind of looks like every ergonomic and slightly designy toddler spoon and sippy cup on the market.

I guess I should be more excited and bloggy about this kind of thing, but it's hard. Maybe I just haven't had my life changed by an ergonomically optimal bath toy scoop yet.

OXO Baby & Toddler [oxo.com via nyt]


The OXO bottle drying rack reminds me of the Mark Newson drying rack that I've always loved in pictures but never got because it's just too bulky for a small kitchen. It also reminds me of my one piece of advice to expecting/new parents regarding baby gear: your existing drying rack that's just perfect for plates, bowls, glasses, cups, silverware, etc. will work will also handle baby bottles quite well.

I cannot describe my loathing for Oxo's basement quality, hideously engineered and impossible-to-clean kitchen gear. I have learned to simply throw it away should some well-intentioned person give me some.

The recalls for the kid's line should prove entertaining.

I bought an oxo container in a high-end kid stuff store here in berkeley. Was right next to the boon one. But it's terrible: when dropped the lid comes open.

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