February 10, 2011

3rd Place: A Children's Coloring Book, By Richard Prince


As one of the artier guys on the coloring book beat, I sometimes like to think that I'm set up in such a way that I find out about things like, say, a Richard Prince coloring book before they come out, not three years after. But there you go.

In 2008, on the occasion of his exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in London, Prince created this 82-page "children's colouring book for adults," which includes "messy, funny, sometimes risque black-and-white line drawings of people, monsters, robots and flowers."


I guess I'll see when it gets here, but while the hippie with "peace symbols" for eyes and the pirate zombie chick are indeed naked, I'd hardly call them risque. [update; and as Kyle points out in the comments, you can hardly call those "peace symbols," either.]


Buy Richard Prince's 3rd Place: A C [amazon]


He loses any and all respect from me for using Mercedes signs instead of peace signs. That's such a high school kid mistake.

d'oh. it's the publisher's statement that calls them peace symbols; I suspect Prince drew what he really wanted them to be. Good catch.

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