February 9, 2011

The Mercedes Benz B-Class v2.0 May Be A Thing


So on the way to get the car inspected, my headlight burns out, and so I have to detour against, then through, hellish Virginia rush hour traffic to get a new bulb. At the dealer, which I normally avoid.

Only it turns out the right front headlight is damn near unreachable, a fact I find out only after I try to replace it myself. And so yeah, I end up being exactly what I tried to avoid--the Mercedes driver who has the dealer change a light bulb for him.

On the bright side, the service area is all enclosed curbside service, which, I admit, is nice. And while two [!] mechanics change my light bulb for free, I am left to ogle the--

The AMG SL65? Only long enough to imagine a matte black vinyl wrap job on an E-Class.

The SLS Gullwing? Only long enough to figure out that the paint is not $12,000 liquid silver, but just off-the-shelf.

The B-Class Fuel Cell PR stunt car? Yes, and for so long, and with such apparent seriousness, that the service manager comes up to me, and the first words out of his mouth were, "$65,000. Next year, as a 2013 model. With a diesel."

And I was nodding toward the SLS and was like, "Does that include the liquid silver paint job?"

And he had to think for a second, and he's all, "No, but for $4,000, we can put the Kevlar mirrors on it for you."

And now I'm thinking do I have to give these MBUSA people another chance to not screw up the B-Class again? Brother.

Hrm, Spy shots, four different body styles, hybrids and plugins: 2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class spied with new details [worldcarfans.com]

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