February 8, 2011

And We Would Go On As Though Nothing Was Wrong

When I imagine Playmobil versions of real world things, I imagine amusing dioramas. Or chubby little hands moving the characters through the scenes, a la Todd Haynes' underground Barbie doll epic, Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story.

So I can only look upon this incredible stop action animated Playmobil version of Joy Division's Peel Session recording of "Transmission" with awe. Just seeing the little Playmobil Stephen Morris drumming his little heart out. And that smile on Playmobil Ian Curtis's face...well, I guess they all have smiles. But anyway, that's not the point.

Playmobil Stop Motion - Joy Division - Transmission by SoftwareDR and Homecoming Films youtube via thedailywhat, thanks dt reader rolf]


Pure gold. Little plastic smiley Ian and Co.

Do you think they'll follow up with a Playmobil "New Order"?

Playmobil New Order would be epic, but then again, how do you improve on the crazy official video for True Faith?


The only thing that could top that is if it were remade by the Teletubbies. Think of how epic THAT would be.

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