February 7, 2011

Beary Meyers


I haven't been keeping up with the Wary Meyerses nearly as much as I should, and for that I am sorry.

Because, for one thing, they posted about these awesome Louis Vuitton polar bears almost a month ago.

Apparently, in 1984, after the last Vuitton moved out of the family house/atelier in Asnieres, this big, old polar bear was discovered in the attic. It was probably made for an expo or display at some point. And it was promptly replicated as a pull toy and used as a prop in a 1985 ad campaign.

While John wondered about the fate of these two Vuitton polar bears, I noticed another one: there's a smaller, bear-on-wheels peeking out from the lower right corner of the artfully styled stack of junk. I think we have all the info we need now to make some Vuitton-esque polar bear toys in a variety of sizes.


And while we're rummaging around, check out that kid-size chair on the left. What's up with that? Vintage Vuitton children's furniture, anyone?

Louis Vuitton Polar Bears [warymeyers]

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Oh! I didn't even notice that that little one is probably the same bear the used in the Arctic ad! Good eye, Greg.

Now don't let much time go by before you check out the newest post about Kids' Stuff, though. If you've never seen it you should definitely order it!

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