February 3, 2011

Where The Maurice Sendak Murals Are


Actually, there's just the one. Beginning in the early 60s, Lionel and Roslyn Chertoff were friends with Eugene Glynn and his partner, Maurice Sendak. [Lionel and Eugene were both psychiatrists.] In 1961, Sendak painted his only mural on the Chertoff kids' bedroom wall.

After their mother died, Larry and Nina Chertoff arranged to have the mural cut from the wall, Then they donated it to the Rosenbach Library in Philadelphia, which houses Sendak's papers, in honor of their parents, and Glynn, who had also just passed away

The Rosenbach unveiled the mural this week, and is now slowly restoring it, allowing the public to watch the process on Wednesdays through March.

For details on the Chertoff Mural story, read the long article in Philly.com. For heartwarming chats about it, listen to the NPR story.

Rosenbach Museum obtains whimsical Sendak mural [philly.com]
A Parade, Restored: A Maurice Sendak Mural Goes From Bedroom To Gallery [npr.org]
The Chertoff Mural [rosenbach.org]

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