February 2, 2011

OK, If The Wagon Does This, Too, We're In Business

I am loving this ad to pieces, but the more I watch it, the more I hope they're splitting the royalty checks with Alex Brown.

via boingboing
Previously, now sold out!: Alex Brown's epic Sad Vader now available via 20x200.com


Nice... the force is definitely with him (and the smart Dad who's paying attention). Don't let the CPSC see this though, they may find some fault with it, ;)

Absolutely love this ad. Very well executed. But, like most really cute ads, it seems like it was an agency's idea in search of a client. Why is this feature tied to the Passat? Remote start has been around for a while and it's available on many, many cars at this point. Maybe the ad's purpose is to get you to pay attention long enough to see how cheap the new Passat will be. Let's hope they're not following the path they took with the Jetta: hoping for increased sales by making it cheaper and worse than the old one.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who immediately thought of Sad Vader when I saw this.

@seth--I sat in a new Passat the other day. The interior looks fairly decent, but the materials are a huge step down from what they put into the Golf (and used to put into the Jetta). Felt cheap, cheap, cheap. It did not help that they had a Jetta wagon sitting next to it, which still uses the old materials.

Also, it's so indistinguishable from a Jetta, styling-wise, that when I first came upon it I had to look at the trunk to make sure it was a Passat.

It did have a LOT of rear legroom, though--much more so than in the existing car.

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