February 1, 2011

It's Getting Slightly Harder Out There For A Crib Bumper Pimp

The CPSC is reversing its 2010 decision and will begin a review of the safety of crib bumpers, possibly with an eye to banning the useless, obsolete, and potentially deadly fashion accessories.

Consumer Agency Tightens Scrutiny of Baby Sleep Products [nytimes via dt reader rolf]


Not sure I agree. Isn't everything a hazard then?
The mattress, a pacifier, the baby's own arm.
Think about it- it can be argued that the pacifier can pack more harm- what if the baby has a stuffed nose, and the kid cannot spit it out because it is pressed against the mattress...not sure why we get so scared of the bumpers and stuffed animals...everything can "potentially" be harmful.

Hurrah! The rest of the world worked this out a long time ago, CPSC.

Well kip,

The reason that we know this is from SIDS cases. Pacifiers seem to lower the risk, and crib bumpers, blankets, and stuffed animals raise it. Because we can't do true scientific experiments on babies (Ethics - I know right?), we just have to look at mountains of evidence and make educated guidelines.

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