January 31, 2011

Somehow, Cadillac CTS-V Wagon Exists, Is For Sale


Forget what I said the other day about station wagon-killing carmakers' cherished tradition of snubbing folks who embrace the multiple definitions of "to haul."

Well, forget it for as long as it takes you to read Dan Neil's insane, awesome and highly necessary review of the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon. A car which the Wall Street Journal headline calls, "Insane, Unnecessary and Awesome."

Neil's point, that the CTS-V Wagon is a pure hypemobile targeted at the hearts and minds and right arms of auto journalists, has been made before, but not with Neil's economy ["The V-Wagon answers the auto reviewer's lament: Why can't I have everything and why can't it be interesting?"].

And what does it even mean to be "the drifting king of your kid's preschool porte cochere"? Because we get billed like $20 if we so much as roll through the stop sign cone in our pickup line.

[note: yeah, I went with the year-old Jalopnik/Brenda Priddy photo above. The awesome grayscale effect underscores the sheer unreality of this car.]

Cadillac's Insane, Unnecessary, Awesome Wagon [wsj via dt reader rolf]

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Agreed. This is worth the couple million in development to get in the auto journalists' good graces. But Cadillac (and GM) is still on shaky ground. If they roll out more than a couple cars that are less than inspiring (current SRX anyone? upcoming XTS?) the journalists will be quick to forget this V Wagon. Carmakers like BMW can afford a few missteps (X6, 5 Series GT) and still maintain their reputation.

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