January 25, 2011

Afghan Enters The Opium-for-Kids Phase Of Industrialization


Oh, CNN, I kept reading and reading about how parents in Afghanistan dope up their kids with opium so they can get more work done in their carpet factories or what have you, and you only saw this practice as a sign of ignorance ripe for condescension!

We always hear the country is a backwards, undeveloped, medieval society, but if working parents are medicating their kids this aggressively, I sounds like Afghanistan has already pulled up to 19th-century English levels of civilization!

At this rate, they'll be turning handjobs for crack and building kitchen table meth labs before the War on Terror is even half over! I mean, at least they have kitchens now, right?

Afghan infants fed pure opium [cnn]

Opium: it's not just for teething anymore
Cough Medicine, The New Opiates Of The Masses' Children, Ain't Got Nothin' On The Old Opiates


Could be worse, could be Dimetapp.

This is insane. I can't believe that there are places in the world where people send money because they are BORD, while there are people feeding babies opiates?

I really think that the world will reach a point where these things will be to 'in our face' to not makes the necessary changes in our cultures and value systems.

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