January 22, 2011

Trendy Canada Has Own Breastfeeding Laws, Haters

This just in from Canada's City of The Future: an op-ed writer for the Vancouver Sun has had it up to HERE with self-absorbed lactivists who go around jiggling their "human rights" in innocent furniture store owners' faces by breastfeeding their kids indoors:

A furniture store is not part of the global La Leche League commune, and not everyone agrees, or is comfortable, with the sight of suckling babes tugging on bare breasts in public.


This is not an issue about a breastfeeding mom's rights, or society's skewed view of boobs, or even whether or not a business owner has the legal right to ask a breastfeeding mom to cover up or move out of public view.

It's about an individual's ability to size up a situation and employ basic common sense, and decency, and respect for others. The same kind of respect that dictates we don't wear a bikini to a funeral, or say the F-word in front of Grandma, or wear a hat at the dinner table, or walk naked through a children's playground.

Or a black friend to the country club. As the Vancouver Observer's Green Mama helpfully explains, this incident is precisely "about a breastfeeding mom's rights" under the BC Human Rights Code, which specifically cites breastfeeding as a human right, and a store as a public accommodation where such human rights may not be violated.

As for what this really is not, is an excuse to post a photo of DT's patron saint of breastfeeding, who if publicists are to be believed, was modeling Lilypadz, Hollywood's favorite suction-activated nursing pads:

Vancouver Sun Shames Woman for Breastfeeding in Public [vancouverobserver.com via dt reader cam]
Etiquette lesson for breastfeeding moms: Cover Up! [vancouversun.com]
Mom to file complaint after she was asked to stop breastfeeding [vancouversun.com]


You saw that, huh? (Or, rather, eh?) It isn't a paper I read, though I live in Vancouver, but saw it through the Green Mama article. Gobsmacked.

In December, I was told by someone dressed as "Mrs Claus" that I should be nursing my baby in the ladies' room. I breastfed my first for 15 months, my second was 13 months at the time this happened, and it was the first time I'd ever been told that. I've subsequently written a letter to the organisation hosting the family-oriented event we were attending, and this week got a reply. If you can call it that. I've posted it here: http://threebearsandacat.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/we-still-dont-think-were-in-the-wrong-but-well-put-up-with-you/

Well, if they are making it compulsory than it would be best for children as they will grow stronger. thanks for sharing.

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