January 18, 2011

It's Adorable Till Someone Loses A Higher Brain Function


Price includes a full time attendant to stand next to the recalled slide and pull your kid's head out of the strangulation gap at the top. Also, it was introduced in 1962. If the ladder isn't deadly, it must date from after 1982. Ahem.

Adorable Modernist "Creative Playthings" Childrens Slide/Fort, USA, 1950's, $1700 [1stdibs]

Previously: Creative Stranglings: CP Indoor Gym House (Of Strangulation)


Ha! When I went to West Side Montessori, way back in the 60's for criminy sake, this was our playground equipment. YES! Cheated death again!


$1700 huh, time to dig ours out of my parents' basement...

We had one too. I think that it had a distinctly non-modernist paint/crayon coating that would have lowered its value significantly.

Doesn't IKEA have something like this?

Had one of these when I was kid. I too cheated death.

I have one in my daughter's room. I'll take it away from her for a mere $1400.

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