January 14, 2011

Very Much Like A Trike


When he saw the awesome plywood convertible balance trikes at the store, Andy at Beta Dad did what any self-respecting dad of twins who's already blown his $600 wad on a garageful of tools would do: he went home and knocked them off.

And he did a great job, too. While knockoffery as a business model is a karmic black hole that deserves to be mocked, knockoffery as a home project for your own kids gets a high five in my book. [And it comes right after the chapter about my knocking off a Donald Judd daybed for a crib.]

Anyway, check out the twins as they tear it up on the velodrome, and then check out the woodnerdy technical details.

Project Trike [butterbeanandcobra]
Project Trike - Technical Stuff


Wow. Thanks! I'm proud to have my knockoffs parked among all the cool legitimate rolling plywood you feature here.

Seeing the picture in the post, all I could think was, "ouch." Clicking through I was happy to see seats added a little later in the process.

Andy, I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of when you fixed my brakes on my car for me...don't know why!

Aw, geez, sis. Do you have to embarrass me in front of the whole internet?

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