January 6, 2011

Kids Kids Having Kids


On the occasion of his looming double gallery opening in Manhattan this week, Yasha Wallin interviewed New Hotness minimalist/expressionist painter Joe Bradley in his studio for Art in America:

WALLIN: You recently became a dad.

BRADLEY: He'll be a year in February. He's great. And [my girlfriend] Valentina has a six-year-old boy, Leif, who is a terrific child. So we have two boys. There's lots of testosterone in our little apartment. Not counting me, I don't have that much testosterone to offer.

WALLIN: Has having kids around changed how you work?

BRADLEY: One has to manage time more efficiently. But I've been wondering about this very question lately. I think that in my day-to-day life I have to really have my feet on the ground, and the studio is becoming more of a place to come and dream. I mean not that my life outside of the studio isn't fun. Harmony [Korine] and I were talking about this; he has a young kid and the movie that he made after becoming a father was Trash Humpers. It didn't seem like he's losing his edge or anything. He's just getting more and more bizarre, but now more people are involved.

Bradley I like--at least as much as you can like Bradley--and mazeltov all around. But Harmony Korine, seriously. He's like a street urchin Paul Reubens. The idea of Harmony Korine having kids just blows my mind.

Cave Painter: Joe Bradley [art in america]
The best review of Bradley's work I've found [frieze.com]

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