December 29, 2010

Bloggers Wanted, Must Have Twitter, Uterus

DT's senior work-life correspondent DT spotted this promising-looking employment opportunity on craigslist:

"Mommy" Blogger (Boston, MA)
Job Description:
Triple Point Interactions is currently recruiting social media savvy mothers that are well respected within their communities to post/tweet about our clients products for 4-5 weeks. Those hired will also be required to coordinate 3 in home parties to sample our clients' products with other mothers in your community.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Become a fan and follower of Triple Points Facebook and Twitter pages
You will be required to post/tweet at least twice a week about our clients products
Hand out coupons and samples in your community
Coordinate 3 sampling parties (gift cards will be provided to purchase items)
Have lived at least 5 years in your community
Have a child under the age of 14 years old
Digitally Networked: active on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Blogger a plus!
Connected within your community (PTA, Mothers groups, etc)
Extremely outgoing


$1250 TOTAL for 4-5 weeks
Roughly $25 - 31 per hour

Since absolutely nothing in that description even comes close to the kind of "bona fide occupational qualification" that would exempt this job from gender anti-discrimination laws, i think its safe to assume that "our clients [sic] products" are all of a distinctly female variety: bras, cracked nipple ointments, vaginal creams, and the like. If there were any penis-related shilling opportunities, I'm sure they'd have opened the job up to everyone.


Hmm. Mommy bloggers + Tupperware parties. There's a part of me that's appalled that women are still seen this way. And there's another part of me that is sure there's lot of women who will jump at this opportunity.

Whoa, Tupperware, it's so obvious. And I'm afraid you're right on both counts.

This is pretty much like being a brand ambassador -- totally lame job.

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