December 22, 2010

Gloria Who? Knu Tries The Knockoff Approach To Selling The Red Ball Rocker


There's no doubt that it's a children's design classic. The question is, whose? A few years back, Knu was contracted to manufacture the "Red Ball Rocker" for DWR, a knockoff/reissue of the innovative molded ply Hobby Horse Gloria Caranica designed for Creative Playthings.

After DWR smothered its kids design business in its crib, they flooded the market with clearance rockers. Last year, Knu announced that they were going to keep making the rockers, giving Caranica long overdue credit--and even pay her a royalty.

Yeah, well.

I finally met Caranica this past fall, and she said they never paid anything. And DT reader Nelson noticed the rig is still for sale--free shipping through December 31!--with nary a mention of its designer or origins. Maybe it's time someone ordered up a containerload of Gloria Caranica's Rocking Beauties™ from China so we can finally even this karma out.

Red Ball Rocker, "a reproduction of the original cool 1960's design," $265 []
Previously, Apr 2009: It's baaack! Knu reintroduces Gloria Caranica's Rocking Beauty

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