December 8, 2010

O Holy Crap, I'm Bald!


The Onion A.V. Club and their Holiday Undercover vodka sponsor are proud to present Andrew W.K.'s wild rendition of "Silent Night."

Remarkably, it's safe to share with the kid, unless you're worried about him going berserk and banging on the piano keys. Otherwise, it's as if Animal from the Muppet show--who turns out to be the love child of Adam Sandler and Brett Michaels--grew up to do Chuck Berry impressions on the dotcom holiday office party circuit.

That IS why he's got his musician hair hanging out of his Santa hat, right? Because he's balding? At least Garth Brooks kept his secret dome high and tight under his lid, Brett.

Andrew W.K. Covers Silent Night [ via jason's twitter]
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