December 4, 2010

I Even Made A Film About Ironing Once, And This Is Depressing


Hi, I just got back from schmoozing with the NetJetset in Miami Beach at the world's most money-soaked art fair, so now let me post the world's most depressing children's Christmas present!

Forget the gender stereotypes of the JC Penney's My Very Own Laundry Center, which is at least a step above the My Very Own Man Don't Like It When His Dinner Ain't Ready Kitchen Center.

If you're buying this because you're broke, and you need a huge toy for 67% off, just give her a roll of quarters instead. Then you can put the kid to work by taking in laundry. If she's old enough to sort pretend whites and colors, she's old enough to earn her keep!

My Very Own Laundry Center, was $29.99, now $9.99 [ via dt reader ponch]


it seems to me like you're the one imposing gender roles onto this toy. what's the difference between this toy and a play kitchen? i much prefer ironing/laundry to cooking. laundry is a reality for everyone in the world, isn't it worse to pretend that it doesn't exist because we pay rosa from el salvador to do it for us? it's not like "my first lil' sweatshop in china making plastic crap that sells for less than ten bucks in america."

Um, unless they're showing both a girl and a boy in the product photos - or (god forbid) a boy alone - the expected gender roles are extremely clear with this product. The only thing this product is missing is the optional "Barefoot and Pregnant Princess" costume.

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I agree with Eliza. I thought I'd share that the toy library (ludothèque) we go to here in Geneva has an ironing/laundry combo (only difference it's made from wood) and it's actually the boys who always play that they iron clothes!

It seems to be ok when Rich White People buy the Nova Naturals version: and how about:

because that's so Waldorf.

But hey, I agree with you, DT. Put the damn kids to work already...That said, my daughter LOVED to play with her friends toy iron and I actually considered getting one for her...though I don't actually own and iron.

If you want to see a boy playing house you're just looking in the wrong place:

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