November 8, 2010

Would I Lytot You? Those Are Pacifier-Sunglasses.


Oh, did I drive the Mrs. crazy while we were walking around Amsterdam this weekend. Actually, she'd just keep walking whenever I some kid-related freakshow would catch my eye, and I'd have to stop and take a picture.

These, however, Lytot pacifier-sunglasses for babies, stopped us both in our tracks.

Whatever you think of the concept--personally, I think it's crazy, but hey, the idea came from a kid herself, so maybe it makes perfect sense to a 2-yo--inventor/eyeglassmaker Ahmed Zekri does seem to be executing it well.


The glasses come in two sizes, four colors, and five shapes, including four "needlessly freaky" and one I'll call "as normal as a pacifier-sunglasses combo is gonna get." They're handmade in France from phthalate-free, non-petroleum-based cellulose acetate and child safety glass lenses.

But I just can't see how these things stay on a kid's face in any way that they can actually be effective as sunglasses.

UPDATE Alright, I may have figured out why these things bug so much. it's not the glasses, it's the pacifier. I guess I like a kid to use them strategically, i.e., when they're needed, which is not the same as a kid always needing a pacifier.

I mean, what if this was a wristband that held the kid's sunglasses in place as long as he kept his finger in his nose?

It's like a kid always having a bib on, so that he doesn't drool or spit up on his outfit. I'm sure it really helps for some kids, sometimes. But at some point, you know what? That bib is his outfit. You want to stop his Unsightly Orange Drool Problem? Then maybe don't give him a bag of Cheetos to eat on the train.

Glad we could straighten this out.

LYTOT, la seule lunette tétine solaire. []


It is a bit crazy but if you're the kind of person who's obsessed with protecting your baby's eyes from the sun, you know they are always ripping the sunglasses off. And this would be a pretty good positive incentive to keep them on, to keep the binky plugged in.

Still looks a bit like some sort of strange update on a medieval dental appliance. Or something.

Looks like a WWI gas mask.

a bit, yeah

These sunglasses are so funny!!

Yeah, I think it probably has more to do with a clever way to get your kid to wear sunglasses than anything.

I thought gas mask, too.

#1 was obsessed with his schnulli, and wouldn't leave his sunglasses on. As weird as these are, they might have worked on him. #2 isn't at all interested in a schnulli, and still won't wear sunglasses. Unless they have a version that attaches to my nursing bra, these won't be much help to my little breastmilk junkie.

It`s very strange device. 2-yo should not need a pacifier.

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