November 2, 2010

Area Man Selling Awesome Bugaboo


Hey look at that, 2005. That must have been in the first containerload of Cameleons to leave the factory.

Hey, look at that, it has the same practically invisible and certainly inconsequential tear on the underside of the foam footrest that ours does...

And yet there's no mention of the seller's wild dadblogger celebrity on ebay...

Because seriously, what happens when a loud and longtime Bugaboo fanboi decides to sell the rig that's been sitting in the corner for months like a disused Soloflex, dutifully holding up damp sweaters and other delicates?

Does it boost the price? Deflate it? Should I be auctioning it off for charity, not good old-fashioned money? Should I have raffled it, or given it away as a prize in a mailing list-grubbing contest?

Should I be networking it momblogger-style, selling that rig at a Marketing Meetup somewhere, or should I be bracing myself for ridicule for being an attention-monetizing blogwhore?

Or worse, for trying to be a blogwhore, only to discover that the no one within the sound of my tweets thinks this fine example of Dutch stroller engineering is worth more than $60?

Should I have it laser-engraved, to help authenticate its provenance through History? Or would the $50 laser engraving knock another $50 off the final price, leaving me $100 worse off?

The answer to these questions and many more, will come on November 4th, when the auction ends. Stay tuned.

Bugaboo Cameleon 2005 Dark Grey/Blue EXC COND +EXTRAS, currently a measly $58 + $45 shipping, auction ends Nov 4th. THURSDAY [ebay]

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Craigslist FTW! Our 2004 Frog just sold on Craigslist for $350 in a couple days. I did not put in the extra elbow grease that you did, but I hope it pays off for you. Best of luck!

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