October 29, 2010


The Dodge Grand Caravan's got a new grille; it can fight its own battles.

Me, I am so sick of the phrase, "man up."

If it was trying to angle into the preschool dropoff line ahead of me, I would cut it off. If it was chasing a ball into the street, I would hit the gas, not the brake. If it was playing a wonked out saxophone for change on the sidewalk, I'd roll down the window and tell it to get a job.

And I'd do all this from behind the wheel of my $#*(%in' man van, because nothing says "overcompensating for my insecurities about my own masculinity" than the phrase, "man up." It's is the verbal equivalent of an SUV.

Man up to the new Dodge Grand Caravan minivan [usatoday via dt sr man van correspondent jj daddy-o]


Manly men, don't need quality in their car. Manly men are fine with a vehicle that is liable to fall apart on them. Manly-men like big grills so that when they inevitably do fall off, they do so in a large noisy clatter of plastic. Manly men, like a bigger engine so they can drop that c-note at the gas pump.

Ah manly-men. Codeword for morons apparently.

This is why I'm happy driving my wife and kids around in my 1999 Ford Taurus wagon that I paid $1200 (in cash) for. Man that.

can't tell if you're talking about the Dodge Caravan or SUV's, but I completely agree with you.

They can try all they want, minivans suck.

As a note to Dodge and their ham-fisted ad agency;

the "be a man" thing stopped working on anyone who wasn't at the lower end of the IQ bell curve by the end of sophmore year of high school.

I dunno. That "man up" "be a man" thing seems to going full steam ahead.

Chrysler, Toyota and Honda do everything they can to make minivans exactly what they should be and then pay their advertisers to tell us that their vans aren't what they are. All reports on the Pentastar V6 indicate that it is relatively efficient and smoothly powerful. It makes the Caravan competitive with the Sienna and Odyssey (at least in terms of powertrains...interior quality remains an issue). But it by no means makes it a "manly" vehicle. The ad copy is out-of-date and sexist, but more importantly, it does not reflect what they're actually selling: a minivan aimed squarely at the heart of the segment.

Sorry Dodge and Chrysler and Honda and Toyota. New Nissan Quest looks great. Very distinctive look while at the same time a lot lest weird than the prior version.

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