October 29, 2010

DT Friday Freakout: Whooping Cough Edition

You ever have one of those weeks where the news from science, health, parenting, and everything else is just too diverse to freak out over in one post? Well, this is one of those weeks. So for the first in a series of weekend ruiners:

California is already in the middle of its biggest pertussis "epidemic" ever. The quote marks are from the director of the state's Department of Public Health back in June, and sure enough, it's still going on.

The tenth infant death from pertussis was reported last week. All were under 3 months old, and nine were under 8 weeks, the age at which kids typically receive their first vaccination shot for pertussis.

Which means that it's the population of parents and caregivers around a newborn, who may be sick and don't realize it, or who need a booster shot, who are transmitting the disease. So whether you're too clueless, too lazy, too busy, or a hippie, get your damn shot already, California.

10 infants dead in California whooping cough outbreak [cnn]


If you do some research into this story (or at least into the recent history of this vaccine)- you would probably find that these cases were actually caused by a 'hot batch' of the pertussis vaccine itself.
Not from irresponsible people

Really? Because I thought I DID research this story, and it's not like there was a single outbreak of whooping cough; it was cumulative across the state. Also, if the kids who died were too young for the vaccine, how could a "hot batch" do them in?

Have you ever read or studied the facts behind vaccines?
You should, before resorting to 'name calling' (i.e. hippie, clueless?)

Another possibility to consider.....

(excerpt from a previous story- different time, different place- on the same subject....)

"The above clearly debunks the misinformation that none of the above babies contracted the disease from “some unknown unvaccinated child”; they all contracted whooping cough from well-known fully/partly (and one most probably) vaccinated family members."


Something else to think about:



Yes, thank you for correcting "misinformation" that was not actually posted on this site. And before you ask me insulting rhetorical questions about vacctivism, why not check out six+ years of posting on the subject first, hmm?

And as for clueless or hippie, they're only insulting if you feel implicated. There's nothing wrong and plenty right with being a hippie, but being ignorant of the risks unvaccinated children face from deadly or debilitating diseases, or being foolishly swayed by flawed pseudo-scientific arguments, is well worth calling out.

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