October 27, 2010

OG Saab Turbo 006 Convertible Junior


When I saw the first shot, I'm thinking, "weird and looks kinda homemade." And since it's an actual 1986 Saab product, I'm not really that far off.

A Hemmings correspondent hit the Saab Fall Festival in Albany and came back with this rather awesome, Saab Turbo 006, a pun on the classic 900 Turbo. Only 75 were built in Oy, Finland, in both coupe and convertible bodystyles, and they were offered through Saab dealers for $1,900. [Or about one tenth the price of FAO Schwarz's still-mythical Range Rover go-kart.]

Power comes from a 3.5hp Honda four-stroke engine with "optional electric start." Which, inexplicably, looks like it was not located somewhere between the seats.

Oh, to be a kid again, and big kid toys [hemmings blog via dt reader dt]


I think "Oy" may be be a company type designation a la Ltd., Corp., AG or SE and not a place in Finland. But maybe I just missed a joke.

yeah, OK, perhaps you may have something there. I figured the Finnish equivalent of Inc. is Ab, and that Oy was just the manufacturing and corporate epicenter of the country. the Delaware of Finland.

hi there this car was made for saab by a company called lokari i know this as i have one of these i would like to know more was there only 75 of these,i would like some more pics if you have any cheers dave

I own one of these, I knew what it was when I saw it advertised on lOcal cl foe 50.00 and I bough it in a second. He had it listed as itallian go cart, haha I love it

We own one of these as well, and are trying to get as much up to date info on these little cars as we can. How many still in exsistance, and where? and anything else you might be able to fill me in on. Very much appreciatted to anyone with info.
Thanks, Tim

I have one of these!!!!

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