October 7, 2010

Those Pregnant Women'll Getcha Every Time

Here in America, we don't think twice when our highest elected officials conceal their pregnancies, and then jet all over the continent without telling anyone that their water's broken because they want to have their high-risk, special needs baby born on Alaskan soil.

Obviously, they're still learning in the Philippines. Or should I say, en route to the Philippines from Qatar.

All in all, it seems like this story should've been about immigrant maids getting raped and trying to ditch their babies in the lavatories, not about pregnant women sneaking onto planes, but whatever, NPR.

Experts: Airlines Can Be Fooled By Pregnant Women [npr]

1 Comment

I remember thinking the exact same thing when I read about this story. Horrified at the maid's ordeal if true, horrified at what the story was focused on.

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