October 6, 2010

And To Think That I Saw It For A Million Freaking Dollars On eBay


Add three small, beat-to-hell, "Unorthodox Taxidermy" animal head sculptures made in the mid-1930s by a young, ambitious, and slightly broke Ted Geisel on his Upper East Side dining table as mail-order bar decorations, but which ended up on some kid's nursery wall, and which are now being flogged by an animation art-peddling SoHo hypester from his "luxerious" castle in France, to the long list of things that are absolutely NOT worth $1 million but which are being sold on eBay for $1 million anyway.

The list also includes:
The domain name family.us!
Also the domain name, YoGabbaGabbaMovie.com
Also babysbutt.com!
And TheIdeologyOfBarackObama.com!
A 60,000sf food processing plant in BF Nebraska.
A beat up pastel drawing which some guy heard had been a gift from James Cagney.
And the kicker, five unopened packages of c1950-60s Golden Nectar-flavored Kool-Aid mix, which produced all kinds of magic, from the seller's "newborn baby to mysterious stars zooming across the sky," hand-delivered for free in a rebuilt 1968 Dodge Charger, which you get to keep! [Offer not valid in AK, HI, Peurto Rico, or wherever the seller feels his "personal security would be of concern or where it would be prohibited by law."]

Dr SEUSS Unorthodox Taxidermy, circa 1938, $1,000,000 [ebay via dt reader dt]

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