October 1, 2010

DTQ: 'Why Is Darth Vader Angry?'

So K2 drew this yesterday, and it kind of blew my mind:


"This is Darth Vader, and his teeth and his legs and his cheeks and his mouth. He's angry. Why is Darth Vader angry?"

I did not quite know how to answer a 2-yo who hasn't seen the movie, and who doesn't even know Episodes I-III exist. But I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Jar Jar Binks and 3-D conversions. Any better explanations will be greatly appreciated.


Love it. My son was drawing Darth Vaders over and over again the other day. I love how he draws the light sabers.

If my four-year-old boy asked me I would say (I'm a big Star Wars fan) that Dark Vader is angry and sad because he loves his son Luke very much but he hasn't been able to tell him in a long time. If you love someone, it's good to tell them. It feels good.

PD: really like your blog ! I'm new to it.


His helmet is too tight. Also, the red button on the control panel on hie chest is the angry button, and he pushed it by accident.

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