September 29, 2010

What's The Secret, Max?

lehrer_brainblog_murray.jpgSee, this is why I was wondering if Grover's near/far lesson wasn't completely lost on someone who basically sees the television as a glowing flat spot on the wall. I mean, when does it really seem any different from a window?

Brainblogger Jonah Lehrer has a slightly wordnerdy post about research showing how, in the early stages of development, kids' attention is diffused, spatial, and even, to help them get a quick 'n dirty, functional understanding of the world around them. And that it's only later, once they have a grounding in reality, that their brains adapt, and they can learn to focus.

Meanwhile, I may just be in a state of arrested development, but every time I try to read that article, I find myself wondering what Bill Murray's doing in a Toyota ad. Don't look!

What's it like to be a baby? []

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