September 28, 2010

Whoa, Camel, Kalon Hut-Hut Rocker Now Available In Resin


I still have my suspicions that the Kalon Hut-Hut isn't actually a rocking toy, but a Fifth Element-style, 5-dimensional CNC-carved key to a wormhole in our saddle-slash-Pringles-shaped universe.

Now that they've announced a $125 version molded from 100% recycled resin ["Green?" "Supergreen."] in your choice of five [!] colors, I'm guess we'll find out soon enough. Probably sometime between December 15th and Christmas, in fact, when all those 20% off pre-orders are activated.

Hut-Hut Kids Resin, $125 [ via dt reader marjorie]
previously: The Fifth Axis: Hut-Hut Rocker by Kalon Studios

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