September 23, 2010

Hot 'N Cold 'N Bothered

I'm sorry, it's been a bit busy in my real world lately. Was there really a surge of parental outrage over the supposedly suggestive content of that Katy Perry & Elmo music video that caused Sesame Workshop to suddenly decide to not air it on TV, but only keep it available for viewing on the web?

Or is this just their way of getting attention for Sesame's expansion of their online programming?

Either way, they made you look! Elmo: 1, Parents: 0

'Sesame Street' Pulls Katy Perry Video From Show [nyt]

update: aha, it's just some stupid Gawker thing? thanks for clearing that up, DadWagon!
Previously: WTF?? Katy Perry & Prairie Dawn "I Kissed A Girl" Makeout Video


Katy Perry could have been wearing go-go boots and pasties. She still wouldn't be as bad for kids as Elmo.

My seven year old wasn't interested in it because "that show is for babies" and my 5 year old said "look Elmo". Should I have pointed out the clevage, which wasn't really alot, and made a big deal of it so they could be sufficently tramatized?

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