September 20, 2010

Ringo Atelier, Qu'est Ce Que C'est?

If you wish to make
a Ringo Atelier from scratch,
you must first invent
the universe.
Paris is filled
with a network of ateliers


I've stared at it for a few days now, and near as I can tell, Ringo [Japanese for apple, not English for the Thomas-narrating Beatle] is equal parts Munari and Mari; kawaii and mingon; Reggio Emilia and Caroline Roitfeld; Jean Touitou and Purple.

It seems they produce monthly insert of non-tacky, creativity-inspiring activity pages for the chic French baby magazine Doolittle known as cahier Do It.

And in their down time between issues, they offer other cahier pdf downloads, more insouciant project ideas, inspiring illustrations and books from days gone by, and entertaining photos from the occasional activity sessions they host.

Paris has the most aesthetically sophisticated casual parenting culture in the world. An enormous amount of effort to avoid printing out Dora coloring pages from Merci pour tous!

Ringo | petit atelier de création pour les enfants []
Ah, now I get it. There's a blog. []

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