September 10, 2010

Oh Well That's Pretty Awesome: The Orbit Baby Sidekick


Hey, the Orbit now has a stroller board!

But it only fits the new-generation Orbit Baby G2 stroller.

Hey, the Sidekick's the only stroller board designed for a "skateboard riding position"!

But no offense little girl, that's not what you're doing there in that picture.

Hey, you can use one OR two Sidekicks on a single stroller!

Butt'll be in great shape after a couple of weeks of pushing three kids around.

Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board, $120 [ via publicists]


Oh snap! My Chariot Cougar II can't do that. But does the Orbit have a xc-skiing attachment? I thought not.

To me, it looks like the skateboard attachment would be better for Dad to ride on than for the kids.

$20 to the first person who hacks one for the Frog. We need 2 of these NOW!

For parents who really like pushing a lot of weight in/on the stroller, I suppose this is a great thing.

Wow that thing looks great only got the one at the moment but i sure when we have another i be getting me one of those!

Not sure if it's real or vaporware at this point but Mountain Buggy has something called the Free Rider which is essentially a scooter (with handlebar) that can trail behind the stroller. Looks cool and it's 'award winning.'

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